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Can you or your loved one qualify for Medicaid?

Iowa has two different Medicaid programs to assist residents in paying for medical care. Title 19: serves people who need to reside in a nursing home. Elderly Waiver: This program provides funding to pay for in-home medical assistance to people who need help but still live in their own homes or in independent or assisted [..]

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The Top 10 Medicaid Questions Answered

1. How long does it take to get Medicaid? The answer varies depending on each person’s situation, but basically it is dependent on acquiring all the documentation needed to satisfy the Department of Human Resources that the applicant has met the income and resource limitations and the medical needs required by the program. Typically, we [..]

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3 Tips in Avoiding Probate

Written by: Cynthia P. Letsch, J.D. Probate: the process of identifying the rightful heirs, and transferring the decedent’s property to them in a way that also protects creditor’s rights, involving the court system (not a legal definition). Court involvement is needed whether there is a will or not, if a person died owning real estate [..]

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