When Benjamin Franklin said,
“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,”
I am sure he was speaking of legal advice.

Obtaining legal services need not be as expensive as you think, and preventative care often saves you a lot of money. Cleaning up the legal mess can be very expensive, and is usually what give us lawyers the bad wrap of being so expensive. At Letsch Law Firm, we are committed to helping our clients obtain legal advice and services in a way that fits their needs and budget.


SENIORS: It truly does take a Village. While we could write your Healthcare and Financial Powers of Attorney and send you on your merry way, which is not the way we prefer to work with our senior clients. For us, it is all about establishing relationships. We prefer to put a team in place who can help you meet your personal needs. The older we get, the harder it becomes to separate our legal needs from our health care needs and our other daily needs. At Letsch Law Firm, we are very proud of the compassionate and competent team of professionals we have assembled in areas of elder financial planning, home health services, nursing home services, and case managers who work closely with our seniors and their adult children to assist with issues related to decision-making capacity, transitions to supported living environments, and financial planning to help seniors stay in the living environment of their choosing. We like to think of our seniors as part of our family. (Yes, we can assist with both Medicaid asset protection planning and Medicaid applications.)

PARENTS: We want to help you protect your children. As hard as the reality is to face, children are orphaned every day. If you die while your children are young, it is likely because of an accident, rather than an illness. If you have life insurance or the accident was the fault of another person, your children will have substantial financial assets. If you want to decide who will be in charge of your child’s financial assets, then you need to plan for that now by having a children’s trust built into your will. We have developed a system for creating this type of will in a very affordable and efficient way, which allows us to offer this service for less than half the cost of many other attorneys.

VETERANS: Attorney Cynthia Letsch is one of only a handful of attorneys in Iowa that is VA accredited to assist in obtaining Veterans Pension Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefits. There is a lot of misinformation out there about who is and who is not eligible for benefits. If you are a Veteran or a Spouse of a Veteran and have medical needs (regardless of whether or not they are related to your service), we would be happy to review the qualification guidelines with you to see if you qualify for benefits. Yes, there are very nice VA field representatives out there who can also answer questions. However, our experience is that these very well-intentioned individuals are required to advise Veterans on a very wide variety of issues, which hampers their ability to be experts in any one area. Our focus is solely on helping our clients understand A&A benefits.

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Located in Grimes, IA, the Letsch Law Firm handles a range of issues in the Central and West Central Iowa area. In-home and nursing home visits can be arranged.