Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?

Not all work is charged on an hourly basis. Some work is billed on a flat fee. When work is done on an hourly basis, different rates apply depending on whether the attorney is working on the file or a paralegal is working in the file. Efforts are always made to conduct work in the most efficient manor while preserving the quality of the work. Written fee agreements are always used, so you will know, up front, what your legal work will cost.

How do I set up an appointment?

Call our office and speak with the office administrator to set up an appointment. At this time, appointments cannot be set by email. (515) 986-2810.

Can I get an appointment outside of your business hours?

Yes. Evening and weekend appointments can sometimes be arranged.

Do your attorneys travel for appointments?

Yes. Since we practice in the area of elder law, some of our clients are unable to come to our offices. If you need an attorney to visit you at your residence, please call our office to see whether or not that can be arranged.

What free services do you offer?

We are proud of our commitment to make legal services accessible to the average person. In furtherance of our mission, we will prepare a health care power of attorney and living will to any person who requests it, without charge or obligation. Additionally, in most cases the initial consultation is without charge.

Does your firm review contracts and leases?

Yes. Our firm practices in the area of business law and real estate. A cost effective way for a small business to obtain these types of legal services is to participate in our Small Business Corporate Counsel membership program, which will provide legal advice and services for one small monthly premium.

If you are not a business representative, please call our office. We are happy to schedule an appointment to review your documents and provide you with a good understanding of your obligations, the obligations of the other party, and the consequences to each party for not following the terms of the document.

Does your law firm participate in local speaking opportunities?

Yes. Please call the office to arrange for a speaker.

What is a will clinic?

The will clinic was designed to help us live our mission to make legal services and education affordable and accessible to the average person and small businesses. It is an efficient way for a parent to have a will containing a children’s trust and durable powers of attorneys completed in a group setting at a cost far lower than other attorneys can provide them.